Featured Events

Paper Presentation

Sharpen your brains. Think critically. Explore. Research. Delve deep into the nuances of a topic. Make observations and write your own research paper.

Date: 31-Jan-19

Project Ultron

Ever thought of making something that brings a difference in the world? So Buckle Up!
We bring to you the second edition of Make A Thon.
15 hours of Innovation: Present your Idea and bring a difference to the world.

Dates: 02-Feb-19 to 03-Feb-19



An offline coding event which tests coding and problem solving skills of the participants over two competitive rounds. Teams of 2.

Round 1: 28th and 29th January
Round 2: 31st January

RL Workshop

Ever wanted to replicate the behaviour seen in humans for machines? Don't miss our introductory workshop on Neural Reinforcement Learning.

Date: 30-Jan-19


An online competitive coding contest hosted on HackerRank where participants compete with other coders and solve coding questions of varying complexities.

Dates: 01-Feb-19 to 03-Feb-19

Electronics EVENTS


An innovative quiz session to get the participants enthusiastic about the tech week.
We’ll hold a workshop for the participants on the basics of bot making.

Date: 28-Jan-19 to 29-Jan-19


A treasure hunt based event where participants have to simulate a circuit based on the components they’ve found.

Date: 30-Jan-19

Bird Box

Participants in teams of two or more have to get though our challenging maze and here’s the rub:
The participant controlling the bot will be blindfolded with only his/her teammate’s instructions to complete the maze. After completing the maze, the team has to provide a correct solution of the riddle in order to win the competition.

Date: 01-Feb-19

Informal Events

The Virtual Vinci

The creative minds potray their imaginations using the tools of art and design. Some play with the softwares while some with the brushes.
The participants are allowed to take an escape from the reality, think over the boundaries and exhibit their unparallel thoughts to the world using their skills and understanding about art and design.

Date: 29-Jan-19

Quiztac toe

Adding a new twist to the universally played game of Tic-tac-toe, we introduce you to Quiztac toe. In this event, the participants will have to utilize their pop culture based trivia knowledge and logical skills in order to win the classic game of tic tac toe.

Date: 02-Feb-19

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